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Solar Power International 2017
Venue:Mexico world trade show center E.J 
Organised by:Mandalay Bay Convention Center
The exhibition to introduce
As a Japanese leading Photovoltaic energy exhibition, PVJapan2017 enables exhibitors to widely publicize the latest progress of PV related technologies and the potential business models.PVJapan attracts many visitors who have a strong sense of purpose, so exhibitors can use this event as excellent business matching opportunities. 
The market situation
On May 30, 2017, according to data released by the solar power and Europe, in 2016 the world solar energy power generation equipment newly introduced an increase of 49.6% over the previous year, to 76.6 million kw, for two consecutive years update record to introduce the country with the largest amount of 34.5 million kw, for the Chinese, the second is the United States, the third is Japan, the fourth is India, solar power is the center of the land transfer from Europe to Asia,In the future, the asia-focused solar industry will not be able to look away.
About Wanhos
Xiamen Wanhos(www.wanhos.com)Solar Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in solar PV field specializing in solar PV products with advanced technology and excellent service. Wanhos Solar members devote themselves to research, design, manufacture and sell the ste,Our company is always in the position of customers to consider and provide the creation and service, and the company's new "future" is the target to provide the products that meet the market demand,Please support me in the future.