At the end of the 9 Xinjiang wind power photovoltaic completed a total installed capacity of 9.45GW

The reporter learned from the autonomous region development and Reform Commission was informed that: in recent years, around the central and strategic deployment of the autonomous region, accelerate wind power,photovoltaic power generation projects. As of the end of 9 this year, the region’s total installed capacity of 6750000 kilowatts of wind power construction, completed a total of photovoltaic power generation installed capacity of 2700000 kilowatts, ranked the forefront of the country.
My area is rich in new energy resources, development condition is superior, has the special important status in the national new energy development. The autonomous region has always been in accordance with the “overallunified planning, rational layout, outstanding key, orderly development” requirements, to link up the new energy projects and the construction of power grid, power consumption, promote the sustained and healthy development of new energy power generation industry.
Wind power, the preparation of the completion of the Urumqi Dabancheng, Turpan my area Xiaocaohu, Hami three, Hami, Santanghu Naomaohu 14 wind zone project planning, planning of wind power installed capacity of 15300000 kilowatts; photovoltaic power generation, solar power to complete the preparation of the “Xinjiang” 12th Five Year “development plan”.
Up to now, our region a total of national grant Xinjiang “Twelfth Five Year” four batch of a total of 14820000kilowatts of wind power project approval plan (including the Hami wind power base in the two phase of the project),ranked second in the country; for a country to give Xinjiang 2014 photovoltaic power generation projects planned 1350000 kilowatts, ranking first in the country.
The construction of new energy projects in our region continues to accelerate, the installed capacity of the rapid increase in. As of the end of 9 this year, the region’s total wind power construction scale of 14050000 kilowatts,mainly in Hami, Dabancheng, grass lake, Aletai, was built and installed 6750000 kilowatts, ranking the fourth in the country, and 7300000 kilowatts of wind power installed scale approved under construction; the accumulativephotovoltaic the development and construction of the total scale of 4110000 kilowatts, mainly in Hami, Turpan,Bayinguoleng, Kashi, was built and installed 2700000 kilowatts, ranking the third.
After calculation, 9450000 kilowatts of wind power, photovoltaic power generation project I district has now put into production, annual savings of 6360000 tons of standard coal, reduce soot emissions by 86000 tons and reducenitrogen dioxide emissions 74000 tons, reducing carbon monoxide emissions 1680 tons, reducing carbon dioxide emissions 19210000 tons.
Autonomous Region Development and Reform Commission Director Zhang Chunlin said, the autonomous regionwill be in accordance with the unified deployment of the state, the early Xinjiang into national large-scale wind power base and photovoltaic power generation base to achieve by 2020 wind power installed capacity reached 25000000 kilowatts, photovoltaic power generation installed to reach the scale of 10000000 kilowatts ofdevelopment goals. At the same time, speed up our district 750000 kV power transmission project construction,effectively promote the new energy sent and absorptive ability.