Aluminum Ground Mount Solar Racking

Aluminium alloy racks for solar ground mounting are lightweight, strong and convenient to install, and can be used with most framed and unframed solar panel products on the market.



Easy to install: the components are pre-assembled, reducing installation time on site.

Safe and reliable: the design of the trestle has been verified by rigorous strength calculations and tests, so it can overcome the worst weather conditions.

Flexibility: the design has taken into account construction conditions and other factors, so it can be flexibly adjusted.

Ten-year quality guarantee: The 10-year quality guarantee gives you peace of mind.

Parameters of the technology

Installation location: Large site

Maximum wind speed: 60 m/s max.

Max. snow load: 1.4KN/m2 max.

With or without module frame: With or without frame

Direction of module installation: Vertical

Main structure material: High-strength aluminium alloy

Fastener material: Stainless steel

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