1. Introduction

Aluminum solar roof rail is a powerful product that combines the lightweight nature of aluminum with good durability, making it one of the most popular solar racking system accessories on the market today.

Solar panels can be easily mounted on the roof with the rail. In addition, it has many other advantages, such as easy installation, long life, reliability, and efficiency. It perfectly combines the various advantages into a reliable and high-performance assembly system, which has been widely used in many green energy projects, such as solar roof mounting systems, ground mounting systems, carport mounting systems, and so on.

2. Specification

Place of Origin FUJ
Brand Wanhos
Wind Load 60m/s
Snow Load 1.4KN/m2
Warranty 12 years
Surface Treatment Anodized
Color Silver or according to your requirement
Certification ISO9001/AN/NZS 1170
Duration More than 20 years
Type Customized
3. Features

Richer Experience: We were founded in 2014. Up to now, Our products have been exported to more than 100 countries

Customized: We are the manufacturer! Samples are available and a variety of types for selection.

Easy installation: Parts can be pre-assembled at the factory to save your installation time on site.

Certification: We have CE and other quality management system certifications.

High Quality: Our company uses the most advanced equipment to make the best quality products.

Safety and Reliability: Check and test the structure strictly against extreme weather conditions.

Flexibility and Compatibility: Smart design reduces the difficulty of the installation in most conditions.

10 Years Warranty: Provide a 10-year warranty for material and structure.

4. Installation Details

5. Package Details

5. Factory Display