Carport With Solar can be installed stand-alone or in conjunction with a rooftop solar photovoltaic system on a major site. A solar garage is particularly useful for companies exploring solar panel options but doesn’t have enough roof space or roof space filled with vents or skylights. It also provides additional space for companies that want to expand their PV system but maximize the use of rooftop solar panels.

Tilt Angle  5°~ 60°
 Max Wind Speed  55 m/s
 Max Snow Load  1.4KN/m²
 Material  Aluminum 6005-T5
 Warranty  10 years
Features & Benefits

Solar PV garages are a great way to utilize often-forgotten space. These systems allow you to generate clean and cheaper electricity on your residential or commercial property, even when space is limited.

Attractive locations include high-vehicle parking areas such as shopping centers, office parks, residential communal living areas, hospitals, and more.

The electricity generated can be used in several ways, depending on the amount of power used in the home or property. You can also install battery storage to store any additional power beyond immediate use.

If you own an electric vehicle, then having a solar PV carport is a convenient and cost-effective way to meet some of its electricity needs. You can install an electric vehicle charging station on your carport and connect it to the solar PV on your roof.

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Solar Garage Waterproofing

Waterproofing Solar carport


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