Floating Solar Mounting System is applied on the water surface of ponds, small lakes, reservoirs, etc., which solves the problem of the large footprint of traditional solar power stations. The solar cell module is mounted on a float made of high-density polyethylene. Under the premise of guaranteeing strength, the professional structural design, optimization of the float structure and simple and convenient splicing design can improve the efficiency of project installation and thus save costs.

Application Industrial
Material HDPE
Warranty 8YRS
Service Life 25YRS
Assembling Angle 15Deg
Wind Load 130mph(60m/s)
Minimum Water Depth 0.5m
Average Buoyancy 127kg/㎡

Maximized space utilization design;
Unique bracket design for easy installation;
Components are made of high-quality High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) material to ensure material performance;
Quality control of food-grade materials to ensure no release of toxic contaminants;
Easy installation without any heavy equipment;
Rugged peripheral double-row walkway design for smoother and safer walking on the water


Solar Floating Racking System Demonstration Solar Floating Racking System Showcase

Project Reference

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