Carport With Solar is an innovative and environmentally friendly solution that serves a dual purpose: providing shelter for vehicles from the wind and rain, while also utilizing solar energy. The structure usually consists of a metal frame that supports the solar panels mounted on the roof of the vehicle. Unlike ground-mounted solar panels, carports do not require additional land, as they can utilize existing driveways or parking areas. This makes them particularly suitable for urban areas where space is limited. Solar carports also protect vehicles from elements such as rain, snow, and harmful UV rays. Solar carports come in a variety of designs, ranging from simple open structures to more complex structures with additional features such as lighting and electric vehicle charging points.

Technical Information
 Tilt Angle  5°~ 60°
 Max Wind Speed  55 m/s
 Max Snow Load  1.4KN/m²
 Material  Aluminum 6005-T5
 Warranty  10 years
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Solar Garage Waterproofing


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