Welded Wire Mesh Fence is widely used in gardens, backyards, villas public places, farms, and highway industrial areas. Curved wire mesh fence can make the fence more stable and strong, square post or peach post with plastic and metal clips for easy installation. The surface of the fence can be powder coated to better protect the inner metal wires, and the color can be customized according to your requirements: the most popular colors are green, white, and grey.

Technical Parameters
Type Name Item number Size Facial treatment Color grid size Wire diameter
(semicircular bend)Adjustable fence–Ground spike foundation Meshes CS-TL-Z7BT H1200*W2000 plastic dipping White/Dark brown/Black 50*150 Wire diameter is 3.0 after plastic dipping is 4.0
CS-TL-Z7BU H1500*W2000
(semicircular bend)Adjustable fence–Concrete foundation CS-TL-Z7BU01 H1500*W2000

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