Floating Photovoltaic

Solar Floating Racking System Solar Floating Rack System
Floating Photovoltaic

Model: BC-003F
Maximum wave height: 2M
Maximum wind speed: 60M/S
Module bracket: AL6005-T5 Aluminum Alloy
Arrangement of modules: 1-4 modules/group
Module tilt angle: 0-15°
Minimum water level: 0.5M
Support module size width: 1303MM


Wanhos Floating Photovoltaic is specially designed for aquatic PV plants, which are suitable for ponds, lakes, reservoirs, and so on. It can greatly save land resources and will not affect the aquatic environment too much. The power generation efficiency is high because the wide water surface can effectively prevent the shadow from limiting the power generation of PV modules, while the light area is always uniform and longer.

Product Parameter 

Service Life25YRS
Assembling Angle15Deg
Wind Load130mph(60m/s)
Minimum Water Depth0.5m
Average Buoyancy127kg/㎡

Built on the water surface, reducing the cost of land acquisition
No need for site leveling, trench digging, foundation, or saving-related costs.
Water has the effect of cooling the PV module, which can realize about 10% more power generation.
Floating modules can reduce water evaporation and reduce sunlight exposure can also protect water sources.
Modular design, easy to install. The water near villages and cities can be easily consumed or integrated into the grid.
Made of ecological materials, non-polluting, 100% recyclable, long life, and no harmful substances leaking out.

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