Floating Solar Mount

Wanhos delivers dependable, high-performance, and environmentally friendly floating PV solutions suitable for a variety of aquatic settings, including reservoirs, ponds, and lakes. These floating solar systems play a crucial role in preserving terrestrial resources and reducing the ecological footprint on water bodies. Constructed from innovative green materials like HDPE, the floating solar mounting system is designed to withstand changes in the natural environment and low temperature conditions. It offers flexibility to support both framed and frameless solar modules, simplifying the installation process. Additionally, the surface of the float body is designed with a non-slip texture to enhance safety and stability.

Our floating solar power system is resistant to UV rays, aging, pollution, and is fully recyclable, ensuring an environmentally sustainable solution. The pontoon’s seamless construction effectively prevents any issues with water leakage or retention, facilitating reliable and enduring performance across various floating installations. The installation of solar panels on water surfaces generally results in higher energy production, thanks to the cooling effect of the water that leads to optimal panel efficiency. Moreover, these installations help in shading the water, significantly reducing evaporation and conserving water resources.

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