Floating Solar Photovoltaic System

floating solar photovoltaics

Floating Solar Photovoltaic System

Model: BC-003F
Maximum wave height: 2M
Maximum wind speed: 60M/S
Module bracket: PE bracket
Arrangement of modules: 1-2 modules/group
Module tilt angle: 15°
Minimum water level: 0.5M
Support module size width: 1054MM

Floating Solar Photovoltaic System is designed to increase energy yield on water while protecting precious land resources. The system utilizes state-of-the-art photovoltaic panels that float stably on the water surface, providing an efficient and environmentally friendly energy solution for a variety of bodies of water, including reservoirs, lakes, and man-made waters. By utilizing underutilized water surfaces, floating solar PV systems not only generate clean solar electricity but also reduce water evaporation and protect water resources. Our floating solar photovoltaic systems are specially designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and ensure long-term stable operation. Easy to install and maintain, the systems provide a cost-effective energy solution with a quick payback. By choosing Wanhos Solar’s floating solar PV systems, you are not only investing in clean energy but also contributing to the protection of the environment and the promotion of sustainable development.

Product Parameter 

MaterialHDPE, AL6005-T5, SUS304
Tilt Angle15°
Wind Speed60m/s
Snow Load1KN/㎡
Water Depth200-300mm
Loading Capacity150kg/㎡
CertificateASNZS1170/ ISO9001/ SGS/TUV etc. certificates
Lead Time3-21 Days(According to the quantity)
SampleFree samples
Production Capacity10MW monthly delivery
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Introduction to the Float System
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