Solar Roof Mount

Roof mounts stand as the prevalent choice for PV mounting, designed for straightforward installation on rooftops or dedicated racking structures. The specific type and dimensions of the roof determine the necessity for different mounting systems, which include options like clamps, ballasts, or rail-based systems. Additionally, roof mount solutions can be customized to accommodate various roof inclines and angles, enhancing the efficiency of the solar array.

Wanhos Solar’s array of rooftop system products, including options like double or single-row tripod supports for flat roofs, and kits for standing seam metal roofs, are versatile enough to fit a wide range of roof types, such as slate, tile, metal, and flat roofs. Catering to residential, commercial, and industrial applications, Wanhos Solar’s rooftop options are globally recognized for their excellent stability, superior quality, and robust structural integrity. The majority of components used in solar panel roof mounting brackets are crafted from aluminum or steel, ensuring outstanding corrosion resistance and performance.

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