Solar Panel Flat Roof Tilt Mount

Solar Panel Flat Roof Tilt Mount
Solar Panel Flat Roof Tilt Mount

The system offers a wide range of tilt angles, from 10 to 60 degrees, providing exceptional adaptability to harness maximum solar energy. This versatile system is perfectly suited for various flat roofing or open land settings, thanks to its adjustable tilt capabilities and multiple foundation choices, including roof clamping and penetration methods.

Product Description

Solar Panel Flat Roof Tilt Mount’s design allows for both fixed and variable tilts, accommodating tailored adjustments to maximize solar energy production. The system’s innovative configuration and significant pre-assembly reduce the necessity for onsite modifications like cutting or welding, facilitating a swift and straightforward installation of PV modules.

Product Parameters
Installation angle:10~60 degrees
Building height:20 m
Maximum wind speed:60 m/s
Maximum snow load:1.4 KN/m2
Reference standard:AS/NZS 1170 and other international standards
Product material:high-strength aluminium alloy Al6005-T5 & stainless steel 304
Product colour:Black or to order
Corrosion resistant treatment:anodised, stainless steel
Quality assurance:10-year mass warranty, usable for up to 20 years
Project Reference
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