Solar Carport Mounting System

Solar Carbon Steel Carport
Solar Carport Mounting System

Applicable Scenes: Residential or Commercial
Product Type: Solar Carport Alu
Features: Customisable waterproofing
Warranty: 10 years


The Solar Carport Mounting System offers long-lasting durability and weather-resistant performance, with maximum wind speeds of up to 55 m/s and maximum snow loads of up to 1.4 KN/㎡. Designed to support different types and sizes of panels, our mounting system is an effective solution for both residential and commercial solar power systems. Solar Carport Mounting System is easy to install with pre-fabricated components, which is easy to install and saves time and cost. To better help our customers, our engineers can design according to their specific requirements and power needs, such as the number of parking spaces, and mounting angle, and can also use C-beam fabrication to meet the exact requirements.

Product Parameter 
Place of OriginFUJ
Install SiteOpen Field
Wind Load55m/s
Snow Load1.4KN/m2
Installation Angle5deg-60deg
Warranty10 years
It can be made of C-steel as
requirement too
  • Excellent water resistance                 
  • Corrosion resistance material
  • Building a car park, saving land resources
  • Pre-installed design to reduce assembly time
  • Can be customized on request