Solar L Feet

Solar L Feet

Solar Mounting PV Structure with L Feet for Tin Rooftop
Installation: Metal Roof
Material: Aluminum6005-T5&Stainless Steel304
Warranty:10 Years
Duration: More than 20 years

Solar L Feet increase the stability and flexibility of solar panel installations. Designed to meet the rigors of residential and commercial solar projects, our Solar L Feet provides a rugged, versatile, and cost-effective solution for mounting solar panels to a variety of roofing materials. Whether you’re making a new installation or upgrading an existing setup, our Solar L-Footers provide the reliability and adaptability that modern solar systems require.

Technical Parameters
Install Site roof
Tilt AngleFlushed with the roof (10-60deg)
Building Heightup to 20m
Max Wind Speedup to 60m/s
StandardsAS/NZA 1170 &DIN 1055&Other
MaterialStainless steel
WarrantyTen Years warranty

Increased Energy Efficiency: Solar panels oriented and tilted in the correct direction help to maximize solar energy capture, thereby increasing the efficiency and output of the solar system.
Long-lasting and protective: L-footings utilize sturdy materials and solid construction to protect solar panels and roofs from environmental damage, extending the life of the solar system and maintaining the integrity of the roof.
Cost-effective: Easy to install and with minimal maintenance requirements, the mounting solution is a cost-effective way to install solar panels, reducing overall project and operating costs.
Versatile: Suitable for a wide range of roofing materials and solar panel types, it has the flexibility needed to adapt to different project requirements, making it ideal for a wide range of solar installation solutions.

Installation Details