Solar Panel Brackets For Roof Racks

Solar Panel Brackets For Roof Racks

Product name: Solar Panel Brackets For Roof Racks
Installation Site: used on bonded vehicles where the panels are small or low-pressure
Standard:AS/NZS 1170/JIS4955:2011/ISO9001
Surface Treatment: Anodized
Function: Solar Brackets Components
Advantages: Simple installation and low cost for mounting small solar panels
Components Parts: Pre-assembled with bolts and washers
PV modules: Small panel
OEM Service: Available
Application: Home, Yacht, Caravan and Flat Roof

Solar Panel Brackets For Roof Racks are versatile enough to mount aluminum framed solar panels of any size, making them ideal for securing panels on vehicles, caravans, boats and external structures. These brackets raise the solar panels to the optimum height to allow ventilation under the panels and maximize panel efficiency.ABS brackets are designed to be securely fixed directly to the surface without the need for drilling. In addition, they act as a windbreak, ensuring proper ventilation clearance between the solar panel and the mounting surface. These mounts are suitable for solar panels from 20W to 200W.

Product NameSolar Mounting Bracket 4pcs per set, color Black
MaterialUV-resistant ABS
ApplicationsIdeal for RV, Boat, Caravan, Ambulance and other mobile applications
StandardAS/NZS 1170
CertificateISO9001, CE, etc
Wind Load<60m/s
Snow Load<1.4KN/M2
Supply AbilityMore than 100000 Pieces per Week
Warranty10 Years Warranty, 20 Years Service Life
TypeCustomization available


Simplified Installation: Components are extensively pre-assembled at the factory to minimize your installation time.
Safe and Reliable: Systems are rigorously tested and inspected to ensure they can withstand harsh weather conditions.
Versatility and adaptability: Intelligent design simplifies installation in a variety of situations.
Extended Warranty: Marriott offers a comprehensive 15-year warranty covering material and structural integrity.

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