Solar Panel Installation In Balcony

Balcony Photovoltaic System
Solar Panel Installation In Balcony

Urban apartments: particularly suitable for urban living environments with limited space.
Vacation homes: Self-sufficient energy solutions for remote areas or vacation homes.
Environmental retrofit projects: ideal for households wishing to reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact.

Solar Panel Installation In Balcony installation services offer the perfect option for you. Designed for smaller spaces, this system not only generates electricity efficiently in limited balcony space but also provides clean, renewable energy for your home, helping you save money on energy bills and reduce your environmental footprint. Our product features include a lightweight design, an easy installation process, and a high degree of adaptability to meet the needs of balconies of different orientations and sizes. Move your home toward a greener, more economical future by choosing our balcony solar panels.

Technical Parameters
MaterialAL6005-T5, SUS304,EPDM
StandardAS/NZS 1170
Gross weight per bracket(KG)10
Length of solar module(MM)≤1800
Width of solar module(MM)837≤A≤1337MM
Thickness of solar module(MM)30-50
Adjustable angle range30~43°
CertificateISO9001, CE, etc
Applicationgarden, balcony, railing, walls and etc.
Warranty10 Years Warranty, Over 20 Years of Service Life

Efficient use of space:
Our solar panels are compact in design and customized for balconies and limited spaces, ensuring efficient power generation even on the smallest balconies.
Easy Installation:
Friendly design for DIY enthusiasts and professional installers, a complete installation kit, and a detailed guide are provided to make the installation process fast and without specialized tools.
Our system supports a variety of installation methods, including vertical and hanging, to adapt to different balcony structures and orientations to ensure optimal solar capture efficiency.
Durable & Low Maintenance:
Made of weather-resistant materials, they can withstand harsh weather and require little maintenance to ensure long-term stable operation.
Environmentally Friendly:
Contributes to the realization of a green lifestyle by utilizing renewable energy and reducing carbon footprint.
Provides efficient energy solutions and reduces electricity bills, which appears to result in significant cost savings in the long term.

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