Solar Tile Roof Hook Mounting System

Solar Tile Roof Hook Mounting System

Roof pitch: 0°- 45°and walls
Rail lengths: 2,3 and 4 modules
Pre-assembled clamps: Al6005-T5
Roof hook material: SUS304
Clamp colors: Silver or black
Splice kit: Aluminum, fastener-free installation
Wind speed: 60m/s
Snow load: 1.8KN/m²
PV modules: Suitable for all standard module types

Wanhos Solar tile roof hook mounting solution is crafted as a flexible, unit-based assembly framework utilizing high-grade materials. This design allows for the seamless installation of virtually any solar panel across a wide array of roofing configurations and conditions. Its components are straightforward to assemble, catering to a diverse range of tile roofing materials.

Features of Solar Tile Roof Hook
1.Easily adaptable to most tile roof types: Pan tile roof,Cement/Flat tile roof,Asphalt Shingles
2.Supports high wind and snow loads
3.Pre-assembled components designed for fast and easy installation
4.Available to match all kinds of solar panels
5.Available in portrait and landscape mounting solution

Product Reference
Key Benefits Of Aluminium Tile Hooks

Weight: Aluminium is lighter, making it easier to install and reducing roof stress.

Corrosion Resistance: Both have good corrosion resistance, but aluminium is better suited to less salty environments, while stainless steel is better suited to coastal areas.

Cost: Aluminium hooks are usually more affordable.

Environmental Impact: Aluminium has a lower impact on production and is more abundant than stainless steel.

Aesthetics: Aluminium can be painted or coated for an aesthetically pleasing finish.