Fixed Tilt Ground Mount

Fixed Tilt Ground Mount
  • Installation location: Large site
  • Maximum wind speed: 60 m/s max.
  • Max. snow load: 1.4KN/m2 max.
  • With or without module frame: With or without frame
  • Direction of module installation: Vertical
  • Main structure material: High-strength aluminum alloy
  • Fastener material: Stainless steel

Easy to install. The tilt-in module can be put into the extruded rail from any location and can be pre-assembled with the clamp to minimize the time and cost of installation. The high-integrated support structure just needs a few bolts to fasten together.

Offer unmatched durability: with all structural components comprised of high-class stainless steel, anodized aluminum alloy, and the double anticorrosive finish for the steel pipe and cap, it is designed for twenty years of service life and backed by a ten-year warranty.

Stand up to extreme weather. The Wanhos solar ground mount system is designed to stand up to extreme weather and complies with the AS/NZS 1170 and other international structure load standards by skilled engineers. The main support components also have been tested to guarantee their structure and load-carrying capacity.

Provide broad installation flexibility. These systems accommodate the most commercially available framed solar panels and diverse foundation solutions, and they can scale easily from small to large, multi-megawatt installations.

Technical Parameters
Install siteOpen ground
Tilt Angle10~60deg
System Height<5m
Max Wind Speed<60m/s
Snow Load<1.4KN/㎡
StandardAS/NZS 1170 and other international Standards
MaterialHigh Class Aluminum alloy Al6005-T5& Stainless steel SUS304 & Hot galvanized steel
ColorNatural or optional
AnticorrosiveAnodized & Hot galvanized
WarrantyTen years warranty and twenty years service life
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