Solar Fixed Tripod Stand

Solar Fixed Tripod Stand

Wind Load: ≤ 60 m/s
Snow Load: 1.4KN/M²
Service life: ≥ 25 Years
Warranty: 20 Years (Q235 or Q355); 12 Years (AL6005-T5)
Tile Angle: 10-30°
Building Height: ≤20m

Solar Fixed tripod Stand applies to fixing a regular framed solar module to the roof at a fixed angle. The installation angle can be fixed, either 10-15°, 15-30° or 30-60°. Aluminum rail alloy extrusions, clamps, various blocks, hooks, etc., are factory pre-assembled with components to reduce installation time on site.

The bespoke products do not need to be cut and welded on site, ensuring that the products retain their high corrosion resistance, structural strength, and surface appearance from the factory to the installation site.

Technical Parameters
Installation location:low-sloped and flat roofs
Installation angle:10~60 degrees
Building height:20 m
Maximum wind speed:60 m/s
Maximum snow load:1.4 KN/m2
Reference standard:AS/NZS 1170 and other international standards
Product material:high-strength aluminium alloy Al6005-T5 & stainless steel 304
Product colour:Black or to order
Corrosion resistant treatment:Product color:
Quality assurance:10-year mass warranty, usable for up to 20 years
Features of Product

Easy to install: the clamps can be mounted in any position on the aluminum alloy extrusion rail, and the blocks and hooks are pre-installed to the highest degree, saving installation time and costs.

Durable: the design philosophy of the system is to have a service life of more than 20 years and a 10-year mass warranty. All parts are made of high-strength stainless steel and anodized aluminum alloy to ensure high durability of materials.

Safe and reliable: Solar’s sloping roof mount systems are designed by experienced engineers to withstand extreme climatic and weather conditions by AS/NZS1170 and other internationally accepted standards. To ensure the load-bearing capacity of the structure, the main load-bearing parts of the system have undergone various tests.

Widely applicable: Solar’s sloping roof mount systems can be used with all types of framed solar modules on the market to date, and can also be installed on all types. Solar’s services range from small photovoltaic systems to large and even several MW systems.

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