Wanhos won 1.2MW PV support orders in Malaysia

Wanhos solar Malaysia awarded the MW order — customer purchase Wanhos solar aluminum terrestrial photovoltaic megawatt solar Wanhos support product R & D and production of “. The order of the signing marks Wanhos solar business scope further radiation to the East Asia market.

It is reported that most parts of Malaysia tropical rain forest climate, the construction of this ground PV power station need photovoltaic bracket products can solid guarantee long-term operation of power plant. The aluminum alloy material, “the whole aluminum ground photovoltaic bracket” is a most suitable for the local soil environment photovoltaic bracket products: using spiral pile installation makes the whole system installation fast, safe and stable. At the same time, a foldable supporting structure height preloaded greatly improve the installation efficiency, reduced labor costs for customers.

At present, the ASEAN countries out of the need to improve the local power shortage situation and the development of low carbon economy, the development of solar energy photovoltaic industry in urgent need of. Wanhos solar Asia Pacific Business Development Manager Jones Jack (Jack) believed that “the development potential of Malaysia and ASEAN countries is enormous, in the face of development opportunities, special requirements of Wanhos solar energy photovoltaic industry in this region, the launch of feasible and efficient energy solutions, so as to open up the ASEAN market, expand the Wanhos solar sales network. “

In October this year, Wanhos solar will participate in the Malaysia IGEM exhibition, improve the company and brand image through the exhibition, at the same time Malaysia will also apply for Malaysia local support authentication. Believe in a wealth of business experience – Jones Jack (Jack) and the Malaysia team effort, Wanhos solar will further expand the business scope, emerging markets to tap into this potential development.