Wanhos solar energy for the Japanese color steel roof to launch new photovoltaic fixture

Recently, the Xiamen Wanhos solar energy science and technology limited company for the Japanese PV market color steel roof developed lighting roof photovoltaic fixture. According to introduction, Wanhos color steel roof photovoltaic bracket adopts the aluminum 6005-T5, not only has good anti-corrosion performance, convenient installation can also workers, to speed up the installation efficiency, saving labor costs.
In addition, for the problem of Water Leakage often market has been of concern to the roof in the product, the color steel roof photovoltaic bracket in the research and development of Wanhos (fixture), the butyl waterproof pad is added in the fixture, can reach one hundred percent of anti Water Leakage, exempt from any menace from the “rear” roof leakage water to customers.
In addition, the fixture can be used for construction directly on the roof, does not need other construction under the roof, not only to reduce the damage to the roof, while saving time and cost of construction. Compared to other photovoltaic products, solar Wanhos color steel roof jig products more cost-effective.
It is reported that the Japanese roof variety, but the installation of solar components of the roof is mainly divided into the roof tiles, metal roof and asbestos roof this 3 categories. And among them, color steel roof with its fire resistance, no rust, affected by the typhoon and other natural disasters affected small, long service time and other advantages, is widely used in factory, warehouse, station and other buildings. With the development of photovoltaic power station business development, Japan more and more of the solar battery board is arranged on the wave of asbestos tile roof.
The Wanhos solar introduced color steel roof photovoltaic fixture has been applied in Japan three prefectural photovoltaic roof power station, Kyoto roof photovoltaic power station and so on many projects.